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Purchasing Your Home with Edison Financial

Edison’s mortgage experience is centered around you, highlighting all your possible options, including some you may not have thought of. We are an innovative brokerage leveraging our expertise and technology to provide a transparent experience you can feel confident in. From getting preapproved to completing your application, we’re here to help you throughout the home buying process.

To help you become more knowledgeable about your mortgage journey, download our home buying guide, or check out our learning center.

Edison’s Verified Approval Letter

In any real estate market, especially a hot one, it is a struggle to stand out among high bidders and cash buyers. However, we can help with a confidence boost to majorly tip the scales in your favor. Edison's Verified Approval Letter (VAL) is a first of its kind in Canada, verifies your information and confirms your purchasing power. When you are up against other hopeful buyers making offers on the home you want, a reliable promise of financing can help make your offer competitive.

Benefits of getting pre-approved with an Edison Verified Approval Letter:

  • You will be able to make an offer as soon as you’ve found a place you love, which is a huge advantage in today’s highly competitive market.
  • Sellers prefer home buyers with pre-approvals.
  • Budget with certainty, knowing exactly where you stand when making an offer.
  • Lock in your interest rate for 90 days1 and shop with confidence.
    • 1Specific lenders only

Edison can get you to the verified approval stage without having to leave the house thanks to our online document submission and team of experienced mortgage agents.

If you haven’t selected a real estate agent, Edison Financial can help with our Realtor Alliance program. We work hand in hand with a trusted network of real estate agents to help you find the perfect home. Speak with one of our agents to learn more.

Why Choose Edison?

We strive to make getting a mortgage as comfortable as your dream home itself, with a flexible process you can begin from your couch in 10 minutes using our simple form.

Edison works with a diverse group of over 50 lenders to provide multiple options at lower rates than our competitors.

Our unique 4-step process is designed with you in mind. With a quick turnaround and seamless application, we believe everyone deserves an effortless process. We leverage technology to make the mortgage process efficient, transparent, and comfortable. Visit our learning center to learn about the differences between a broker vs. a bank and which one is right for you.

Support Through Your Entire Mortgage Journey

If you have been contemplating your new home purchase but you’re not sure if you’re ready, weigh out the pros and cons and consider these signs to confidently know if it’s the right time.

Once you decide to buy a home, learn everything you need to know about down payments in 5 minutes.

If you need to quickly learn about the differences between open and closed mortgages or fixed vs. variable rate mortgages we’ve got you covered too.

When the right home opportunity arises, we can help you avoid barriers to your mortgage closing and outline what to expect in terms of closing costs.

Edison Financial - Refinance

View current rates and try out our payment, affordability, and amortization calculators to help envision how your new home can fit into your budget.

Connect with an Edison agent today, from getting preapproved to completing your application, we’re here to help.