About Us

Whether you’re buying a home, refinancing or renewing, Edison Financial is your mortgage solution. Our team of experts puts you first by providing you with an experience you can feel confident in. From getting a quote to completing your application, we’re here to help.

Here’s How We Do It

Our home is Windsor, Ontario, but our presence can be felt across Canada. With our people first approach, we’re dedicated to helping you find the right mortgage at the right time with the right lender. You can think of us as the shining light at the end of a dark tunnel, in that we offer a different kind of comfort when it comes to your mortgage, one that highlights all your options, including some you may not have thought of.

Light Bulb Moment

Hash Aboulhosn founded Edison in 2017, with one mission in mind — transform the mortgage industry to make life better for clients and brokers. Through problem-solving, perseverance and partnerships, he and his team have helped shape the future of Edison Financial, and the overall mortgage process.

Our History

Hash Aboulhosn founded Edison Financial in 2017.

Aboulhosn put Edison Financial on hold to join Lendesk Technologies, Canada’s leading mortgage technology company. As the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Hash helped implement its partnership with Rock Holdings Inc., the parent company of Quicken Loans®, America’s largest mortgage lender.

With profound insight into the strengths of both Lendesk and Quicken Loans, Hash turned his focus back to Edison Financial, and implemented Lendesk Spotlight as its platform. This industry-leading technology paired with Edison’s extensive knowledge of the Canadian mortgage process has helped position the company as an industry leader and helped shed new light on mortgage solutions for clients.